Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got Moxie?

I'm just back from two weeks on the road. My first stop was in Evanston, IL home of my new niece, Moxie Liel Zises (bet you don't hear that everyday!). She just reached the one month marker and is the most chill baby I've met. Although I suspect she's got a little fire in her. My favorite thing about both my nieces at this age is their facial expressions, they change so quickly and for no particular reason. Actually I'm not sure about that maybe her mirror neurons are at work, I'll have to ask Ilan. For those of you that don't already know, Ilan is not only an amazing photographer, he's a brilliant neuroscientist. Sadly I've lost him to science, but I'm really proud of him. He's been published in two wedding magazines and multiple scientific journals in the last year. Mazel tov hamoud! If you need a little light reading click here! Actually click there regardless, it's fascinating.

Curious Moxie

Disgusted Moxie

Fighter Moxie

Before I go any further, I should introduce two of my favorite 4 leggeds and Moxie's predecessors. Meet Lynx.

And Nula

Lynx helps out cleaning Moxie's face.

But it's exhausting.

So the water babe takes a real bath.

And Nula tells me what Pitbulls really think about babies-doh!

After Evanston, I went to Vegas for WPPI, a huge wedding photography conference. It was my first time going and it was AWESOME! I got to hang with a bunch of my NY buddies, including the other members of the "J" Crew (Jason, Jen, Jordan and Julia), as well as meeting a bunch of new lovely and inspiring photogs. And well, it's Vegas so I didn't sleep much, but I have two non-photographers to blame for that! Two of my oldest and funniest friends came for the weekend with suitcases stuffed with dresses and high heels. My feet are still recovering and my sides are sore from laughing. But really I was there for work, I learned a ton too!


  1. Looks like I get make the first comment of the day... Great story! Loved the pix, esp curious moxie, and voracious nula. Hope to catch a glimpse of the out-takes one of these days. Sounds like Vegas was fun. No pix of the gaming tables?

  2. Gaming? What gaming? I think I may actually be the only person who went to Vegas and didn't gamble, next time! Still waiting for Iva to download her pics, but I'll send you some. Glad you enjoyed the story, it's like "Hollers from the Hill" in photos. Although Dad says I need to pull out the Thesaurus, I can't get a break!

  3. I love fighter Moxie!! So cute and ready for anything. I also love that her older 'siblings' (the pups) have not been left out of the mix. It's so hard with a new baby to have time for everyone, I'm glad to see you were helping to make them feel spoiled, too!

  4. jocelyn - it was so nice meeting part of the "j crew" this past week! what a fun and interesting night that was! =P

    - serena grace