Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cassie & Chris 7.20.08

Cassie and Chris have the most exuberant love. They were filled with so much emotion and energy throughout their wedding it was an absolute joy just to be around them witnessing the events of the day. The lovely Katie Lyman shot with me at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and we just couldn't get enough of the beautiful day!

Venue: The Bronx Botanical Gardens
Catering: Abigail Kirsch

Click here for the slideshow.

I loved this moment, it was really quiet as Cassie came out to see Chris for the first time all day and she yelled out "Hey handsome!" Sometimes I wish I could record audio too.

One of my favorites.

There is this big beautiful field (well maybe it's more like a patch of grass, if you are coming from somewhere outside of NYC) and there's a nice little sign next to it that forbids you from stepping on said grass. So when I told Cassie and Chris that they weren't allowed on the grass, they had just the reaction I was hoping for!

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